Priorities snap into focus before you leave

Here’s a fun way to think about priorities…

I’ve just gotten a new leadership job. In three months time I move from one large organisation to another in the same sector. It’s a promotion and I’m very excited.

But it’s really got me thinking about what I MUST get done in the three months I have left in the old job.

All of a sudden I have complete clarity over the three big things and three smaller things that need to be finished. I’m more focused than I’ve been in ages. I’m properly getting things done.

And this idea holds true more generally.

You know your most productive week of the year? The week before you go on two weeks leave. There’s so much to sort out to make sure things are covered while you’re away you make a laser-focused to-do list and execute it ruthlessly.


If you’re struggling with priorities, everything is important… Completely overwhelming… Ask yourself…

Suppose I was leaving in three months time. What would I do? What would I HAVE to make sure was sorted before I left?

THAT should be your to-do list ALL the time.