The 80:20 LEADER – FOCUS on what counts to level up your leadership!

The secret to maximizing your impact as a leader comes from a principle discovered by a 19th century economist.

Vilfredo Pareto figured out that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.

And this 80:20 idea holds true in leadership, management and all sorts of other things too.

So to be an 80 20 leader, you have to leverage this principle to have the most impact.

First… Find the 20% of the stuff your team does that carries 80% of the problems and tackle those issues first.

It might be one process that causes headaches for everyone on your team and is holding down morale.

It might be ONE customer who is ALWAYS a nightmare to deal with. Or one colleague that is always a nightmare to deal with…

Whatever it is, find the problems to solve that will improve things HUGELY… and tackle those.

Second… Find the 20% of your team’s work that brings 80% of their impact on your organisation. And make sure everyone on the team knows what it is, and focuses hard on it.

What’s the process your team runs that everyone else relies on? What’s the hour of the day, or the time of the year that REALLY matters for your corner of the business?

Sit down with your team, go through everything you do, and work out the one or two really big important tasks that everything else hangs on. Then make sure you get THOSE right! And improve them if you can!

Third… Find the 20% of YOUR work, that delivers 80% of your value to your team and zero in on that.

THAT stuff is your “important” work. The things that only YOU can do… Because of your position, or your knowledge and experience, or your personality… Those are the things that will really make a difference.

And some of it will arrive in your inbox day by day… But some of it will be the things that you need to SCHEDULE to get them done. The changes you want to make, the new things you want to create. The stuff that is important but never urgent…

To be an 80 20 leader you need be constantly identifying the 20% or work that has most impact or causes most problems and focus your attention there.

The biggest thing you can do to achieve this, is to make sure you plan every day carefully. So grab my Daily Checklist by hitting the button below, to stay on top of your priorities, look after your team and look after yourself.


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