Daily CHECKLIST for New LEADERS… Going Beyond the To-Do list to UPGRADE your LEADERSHIP!

With a simple checklist you can plan your day in just 5 minutes, stay on top of your key priorities, balance looking after your people and getting the job done… AND look after yourself.

Focusing on the right things is a key leadership skill, and I have a one page checklist to make sure you’re doing that EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You can get it at leadershipjetway.com/checklist, and I’m going to talk you through how it works – because even if you don’t go download it… You can still use these ideas to keep yourself on track.

So what happens is… The checklist has small groups of questions that you need to ask yourself every day.

The first group is about ongoing priorities. And asks…

  • What’s the most important thing going on right now?
  • What’s the impact on my team?
  • What must my response to this include or achieve?

Most days you’re not going to change the answers to these questions. The most important thing might be the big trade fair in two weeks time. Or the planning bid you’re submitting to your boss next month. Whatever it is it’ll just sit there for a while.

But it’s WORTH REMINDING YOURSELF every day of the MOST important thing on your plate right now. Firstly to make sure that day to day, week to week, you ARE devoting time to it. And secondly to just double check that nothing else has emerged to overtake it. You know… Something like… the COVID rules changing and you have to send everyone home suddenly! So… You have to check in with the ongoing priorities, but they don’t necessarily drive actions EVERY day. For that… You need the next group.

Which is the real daily planning questions…. And you need to ask yourself this stuff at the END of the day, planning for TOMORROW. And the first question is…

  • Have I been focusing enough on both tasks AND people?

Some days you need to really make sure the job is getting done. And some days you need to focus on looking after your team. When things get stressful and busy it is easy to focus too much on the tasks, and not enough on the people. So it’s worth checking in with yourself every day about whether you’ve been getting the balance right.

Then you need to ask yourself…

  • What’s the most important thing I need to do tomorrow?
  • What’s the time I’ll allocate for it?

You need to know your most important task, and you NEED to schedule time for it. For some people  first thing in the morning is most important task time. For others it’s right after lunch. Just make sure you know what’s top of the list, and when you’re going to do it.

Next, you ask yourself…

  • What are the other things I have to get done…?

It’s all very well knowing your most important thing. But you’ll have other things to do. If you run a good inbox system, you’ll have reserved some things for tomorrow. You might have meetings in the diary. Calls to make and the regular day to day tasks. Most days you can’t just dump everything else because of your most important thing, so it’s important to remind yourself of what else needs to get done and make sure you have time for it.

Next question…

  • How will I maintain my own wellbeing?

When you start a new leadership role, or when things get busy, often the first things we push to the side, are the very things that keep us sane. So… Ask yourself every day… How am I looking after myself? Whether it’s the gym, or reading, or walking. Whatever it is that you do to keep yourself on an even keel, remember it, and make time to do it.

So as I said, you ask yourself all of these questions at the END of the day, planning for tomorrow.

And then when tomorrow morning comes, the first thing you do is check in and ask yourself…

  • Has anything happened overnight to make me alter what I planned for the day?

Maybe you woke up with a migraine. Maybe half of your team has called in sick. Or your boss has pulled a surprise inspection. Just give yourself a moment to think through whether what you planned… is still going to work. If it is… Off you go. If not… re-write your plan for the day.

Now… That’s taken longer to explain than it actually takes to do! OK. All you need is to download the checklist, and take five minutes at the end of every day… And a few seconds at the beginning of the day… To ask yourself those questions… And you’ll REALLY be staying on top of your priorities and making time for the work that matters.

Grab the checklist by hitting the button below.


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