It’s a HIGH WIRE ACT… 7 things you need to BALANCE to improve your leadership!

Leadership is a balancing act. In SO many ways. Today I’m going to give you 7 leadership balances you have to get comfortable with. Because… For all of them.. If you don’t find the balance point… You’ll fall over! And your leadership will suffer.

Let’s start with why you SHOULD document everything.

  • Confidence and Humility

Leaders have to be confident. AND humble. Sometimes you have to get right to it. It’s your idea. You’re the leader. This is what we’re doing. And sometimes you have to say… Look. I don’t have all the answers. Your ideas are what we need here.

  • Warmth and Robustness

You have to understand and care about the people on your team. And sometimes you have to let them know that they’re not delivering and things need to change. You need be fair. And firm.

  • Consistency and Flexibility

If you’re not consistent, your team will lose trust and respect for you. But you have to take account of specific circumstances and make sure you support the individuals on your team in the way that they need.

  • Consultation and Decisiveness

You need to hear all the voices and opinions. Then you need to decide what you’re going to do. And sometimes that decision will upset half of your people. But you still need to make it.

  • Big Picture and Small Details

You need to understand what’s going on. At the grand scale, and at a level of fine detail. Because… If you leave a small strand sticking out, someone might grab it and unravel the whole thing. So you need to do both.

  • Tasks and People

You have to get things done. AND you have to look after your people. And it’s a constant balancing act, judging how hard you push, and how much you need to give people time to recover or grow.

  • Direct and control vs engage and enthuse

You might call this Type X vs Type Y. Do you sit in the captains chair and dish out orders? Or do you sit round the conference table and encourage ideas, set the scene and give people the encouragement to work out what to do themselves? The right answer… as with all of these is a bit of both.

But often new leaders feel that they need to be all the way over at one end of some of these balances. They must be confident, robust and decisive. They have to focus on the big picture and not worry about the details.

But this almost always fails. The truth is…

For ALL of these balances… You have to figure out your natural tendencies. AND You have to figure out what your business/organisation and team need from you. Both generally and in every moment.

So sometimes, even though you’re typically very warm and empathetic, you might have to bring out your robust and firm side.

And ultimately, THAT’s the leadership balancing act. Balancing your natural tendencies, with what’s needed in the moment.

So my challenge to you, to close things out is… Go back through this video… And for each of these 7 balances… Write down where you think your natural balance point is, AND where you think your boss or your team needs you to be.

Then you can look at them and pick something to work on. Getting more confident. Or focusing on the details more. Whatever it is, pick something to improve… and that way you’ll be leading yourself, and becoming more balanced.

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