ESSENTIAL tips for NEW MANAGERS… The key things you need to DO in your new leadership role!

As soon as you start your role. In the first week. First month. You MUST do these five things.

Let’s get straight into it….

Number 1: Build relationships

It’s the most important thing. Get to know your team. Get to know your boss. Get to know other people around the organisation. Get to know your customers – whether that’s the people that buy your business’s stuff, or the people elsewhere in your business that you and your team support.

Talk with them. And listen! Ask them what THEY think should be your most important priority. Ask them what they think YOU really need to know about your team, about the business.

Your influence as a manager… Your ability to get things done… Will come from your relationships with the people around you. So make a point to work on them.

Number 2: Get clear on the results your boss wants to see

The rest of your influence comes FROM the stuff you get done. So you need to make sure that your efforts are in line with your bosses expectations.

What do THEY think the most important thing in your inbox is? What’s the biggest thing in THEIR inbox and how can you help with that?

What would they like to hear that you’ve accomplished in your first 90 days, your first year?

Yes, you’ll have a job description. But make sure you properly understand what your boss REALLY wants to see.

Number 3: Don’t stop doing the things that make you you!

When you start a new role, it’s really easy to throw yourself into it 110%. There’s loads to learn. Loads to do. And you can find yourself working late, or into the weekends. And you push the things you rely on to keep you sane off to the side.

Now… To some extent, this is natural and necessary. Starting a new job is tough, and you have to put the hours in to make it work.

But… You HAVE to hold on to the stuff that keeps you on an even keel. So whether it’s the gym, or singing in the choir, or knitting, or youtube… MAKE TIME to keep being you.

Or in six months, you’ll be exhausted, burnt out, and no good to anyone.

Number 4: Figure out what you need to CHANGE about you!

If you’ve moved from a technical role to a position managing people, you’ll need a whole new skillset and be facing a whole new set of challenges.

If you’ve been promoted to lead the team that you’ve been a part of for a while, you’re going to have to stop doing some of the things you liked to do in your old role, so you have time to do the things you need to do in your new role.

You might find that you need to manage your time differently.

Whatever it is… As you start your new role, you’ll need to change SOMETHING from how you’ve done things before. Figure out what it is. And run TOWARDS that change. Not away from it.

And lastly… Number 5: Commit to being more than a manager

Being a manager is tough. Making sure everything gets done, gets done right and gets done on time, is complicated important work. 

But if you want to build your career, in your next job interview you want to say more than “I made sure we followed all the procedures correctly.”

You want to say… “I worked with the team to fix these problems, improved customer satisfaction, brought in NEW systems to make our work more efficient…”

So. Commit to finding things to change for the better. Commit to communicating and working with your team in ways that bring them with you, instead of ordering them around, or dragging them along. Commit to doing all you can to help your corner of the business do better, be better and feel better. Commit to being a LEADER as well as a manager! And you’ll go far!

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