Great MANAGERS and LEADERS will make this New Year RESOLUTION for 2022…

Whatever your role… If you have a team of 1, or 100… For 2022, I want you to make THIS your New Years resolution.

Ensure your team makes PROGRESS this year.

If you’re managing a team, it is all too easy to get consumed by the daily grind of everything that needs to get done, get done right and get done on time.

Making sure your team does what’s needed to just keep the lights on will be a full time job if you let it.

But if that’s ALL you do, you’re just managing. You’re not leading.

Don’t get me wrong. Management is important. It’s really HARD to be a great manager.

But if you’re a leader, you have to go beyond just keeping the show on the road. You have to help your team get better. Do things in new ways. Do new things.

You have to make sure things improve.

So for 2022. Or whenever you’re watching this. Resolve to make sure your team makes progress this year.

How do you DO it?

Well. If you’re just starting out you need to find a problem to solve, or an opportunity to take advantage of.

And in my “Jetstart” workshop I take you through exactly how to do this. It’s 10 minutes of detailed video training, that takes this idea of leadership a step further and gives you a simple, exact, three step process to follow to find something to work on to MAKE SURE your team makes progress.

Just go to or hit the button below. I want you to watch it, because I’m all about helping new leaders get a flying start.

And I want to help you make that one key resolution actually happen.


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