Managing STRESS at work… 3 things you can do!

Are you feeling stressed??

For new managers, in your first leadership role… it’s really common for everything to get a bit much.

But there are three things you can do to manage your stress levels and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

First off… I’m not a doctor. And stress can turn into a serious situation needing medical help. If that’s where you are, please, go talk to someone professional. OK?

No. What I’m going to talk about is stress at work and give you three things to do when you START to feel it all getting a bit much.

And number 1 is… STOP. Take a breath. Give yourself some time.

When things are stressful it’s really easy to be running at 100mph all the time. One thing done. Move onto the next. Tick that off and dive into something else. And the stress momentum builds… And builds.

So stop. For an hour. Or an afternoon. The work will still be there when you come back to it. Give yourself a chance rest and THINK.

Then step 2… Write it all down and prioritise!

What are the most important things going on right now? What do you HAVE to get done yourself? What can you delegate away? What can you just drop for a while?

If you’ve taken the time to think things through, and you KNOW you’re working on the most important things, the stress will reduce. You’ll still be busy. But you’ll be more confident that the right things are getting done.

And third thing…. DON’T drop the things that make you you!

When I get busy and stressed, the first things that get put on the back burner are the things I like doing for me. The gym. Playing the guitar.

But those are the very things that I NEED to stay sane and balanced. Without them life becomes nothing but stressful work and home chores.

But when things are most stressful, we often stop doing the things that help us manage the stress.

So don’t! Make the time for your half hour of YouTube at lunch. Make yourself go to your zoomba class. Play with your kids.

Whatever you do to be YOU… KEEP DOING IT!

Because if you don’t, the stress can spiral and you can end up really stuck.

So… When you feel yourself under pressure… Pause to rest and think, write it all down and prioritise, and keep doing the stuff that makes you you!

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