Great leaders THINK SMALL! 4 ways to level up your leadership by NOT thinking big…

Leaders need to think SMALL to get things done. Which isn’t the usual advice, I know.

Yes. Leaders need to think big. You need big ideas and big ambitions. You need to understand the big picture.

But today, on the leadership jetway, I’m going to give you four ways to level up your leadership by thinking small.

Number 1 is….. Pick ONE thing to work on.

I’ll bet you have a lot of stuff on your to-do list. And more stuff coming in thick and fast. But in amongst that BIG list of things, you need to think SMALL and make sure you’re on top of the ONE thing that’s most important for you to do today. Every day. You need to know your single biggest priority, and make sure it gets done.

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Number 2: Pick ONE key measure to focus on.

You probably have some KPIs, right?

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins teaches us to pick the ONE measure that really really matters and focus on improving that.

So… If you’re running a gym, it might be the number of membership sales calls that get made each month. Because sales calls drive sign ups, drive revenue, drive community and so on and so on.

Whatever your business… if your boss might give you 6, or 10 or more KPIS… THINK SMALL. Ask yourself… What’s the ONE KPI that drives everything else? And focus on that.

Next. Number 3. Small details matter.

Yes. You need a big strategy. You need to be looking to the horizon.

But you have to make sure the small elements of the strategy are being delivered.

You have to make sure the i’s get dotted and the t’s get crossed. Otherwise the thing falls apart.

So you need SYSTEMS to make sure the small details are done right and done on time.

And lastly… Number 4… In tough times, focus on the NEXT STEP you’re going to take to move the thing forwards.

So… Something happens and suddenly there’s a can open and worms everywhere and it’s all a big tangled mess of a problem.

As a switched on manager, you understand what’s happening quickly. And can see how difficult it’s going to be to sort this out.

When that happens what you HAVE to do is THINK SMALL and figure out ONE step to take, the very next thing you’re going to do.

It might be send an email to the right group of people. It might be get on the phone with your boss right now. It might be call an ambulance.

Whatever it is, forget the big picture. Think small and figure out your next step. Just do that over and again, and you’ll gradually solve the problem.

There you go. Four ways in which thinking small will level up your leadership.

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