Exactly how to grow your INFLUENCE… and WHEN to do it!

The secret to having more influence…

…You have to pick your moment to speak up and say what you think.

And that moment isn’t when everyone is agreeing with each other.

No. The secret to growing your influence is saying what you think in the most difficult, intense discussions.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today on the Leadership Jetway.

This is a leadership lesson for when you’re working together with colleagues, contributing ideas to help your boss make a decision.

And when that decision is finely balanced, when there are several options that all have advantages and disadvantages…

That’s when you can REALLY grow your influence.

So how do you do it? Well… there are three steps…

Number One. WORK OUT what you think.

It’s hard. Because we’re talking about a difficult decisions.

But think through all the ifs and buts, the pros and cons.

And work out what you would do if it was JUST YOU making the decision. Force yourself to pick a side.

Number Two. Work out HOW to say it.

Are you going to jump straight in with your opinion? Or start by acknowledging that the other options are valid?

Are you going to be really confident and assertive? Or humble and kind?

You have to judge how important the issue is to you AND how your words are going to land with your colleagues.

And three… You have to actually SAY it!

This part is really hard. Because you’re taking a risk and sticking your neck out. And you might end up on the wrong side of the decision.

But in those difficult discussions, it’s so powerful to say… If it was just my decision, I would choose Option B.

It reminds the group that a decision is needed.

It encourages others to say what THEY think.

And when people start choosing sides, you get to the decision quicker.

And THAT is the real influence secret.

Your biggest influence will be helping your organisation make quicker decisions. And better decisions. By encouraging your colleagues to say what they think, the decision will be fast and will be based on the best information possible.

So the next time you’re discussing something thorny, work out what you think, work out HOW to say it… And say it!

Do this consistently, keep saying what you think in difficult moments, and people will start ASKING you what you think. Your opinion will matter. And your influence will grow!

You can also grow your influence by having great 1-2-1 meetings with your colleagues and your team. So you should look at the 4-Question formula in the free PDF guide that you can get at leadershipjetway.com/perfect121. It’s dead easy to remember and will really improve how you engage with your people.

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