Top 4 Leadership Traits

What are the most important leadership characteristics? The personality traits you need to display on DAY 1 of your new leadership role?

There are lists and lists and lists of these. I talk about lots of them in my online course…

**My online course for new leaders is called Leadership Essentials.

But today I’m going to talk about my top 4.

Here they are…


You have to operate with INTEGRITY. Your team have to trust you. So be open and honest. Even in those times when you can’t tell them everything, be honest about that.

AUTHENTICITY is vital. You have to be you. If you try to be something else, your team will be able to tell, and you’ll create a trust problem.

Every leader needs VISION. And in fact… every leader needs TWO kinds of vision.

First, you need a vision of a better future. For the team. For your customers. For the world. You must have clarity about what you’re trying to achieve.

And second… You need the vision to see what’s going on around you. To spot the problems that need fixing, or the opportunities to take advantage of.

And finally… FOCUS. The last permission to play leadership characteristic is focus.

You have to be able to cut through the noise and make sure you and your team are working on what really matters. You have to be laser-sharp-focused on the work that is absolutely necessary to bring about your vision.

There are many many other personality traits and characteristics leaders need… But it all starts with these four.

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