What IS leadership? Part 3… NOT management!

What is Leadership? Well. It’s NOT management. But the difference between leadership and management is a tricky subject. So I made a video about it!

For me… Management is about making sure that the stuff that needs to get done actually gets done, gets done right, and gets done on time.

As a manager you probably have a policy and process framework to follow, or a company handbook or rulebook, and it’s your job to ensure compliance with that framework.

For most new leaders, in that first management role, you HAVE to be a manager. You have to make sure the stuff gets done. So I don’t believe in the line that you shouldn’t be a manager, you should be a leader.

But I DO believe you should be a leader AS WELL as being a manager.

And in this way of thinking Leadership is about two things.

First… Leadership is what happens when the rulebook breaks down. When a situation arises that no-one’s thought of, and there isn’t a policy for it… Figuring out what to do in that situation is what leaders do. (Usually the answer is simply… Use your best judgement to work out what the RIGHT THING TO DO is!)

Second… On top of doing all the things you need to do to keep the lights on… Leadership is about finding problems to fix, or opportunities to take advantage of.

It’s about finding new ways to do things that make life better for your team or your customers.

In other words…

If management is about ensuring compliance with the rulebook, leadership is about ensuring that you and the team make PROGRESS.

Because look… You don’t want to be in the job interview for your NEXT leadership role and say: For the last two years I’ve made sure company policies were followed and deadlines were met. That doesn’t show much leadership, does it? It shows good management for sure. But leadership? No.

You want to say: We found a new way to do this that improved customer satisfaction, or turnaround time.

So ask yourself… What’s the problem we should be fixing? What’s the opportunity we should be facing? Do this intentionally, with a system, and you’ll be building real leadership impact.

And if you want a systematic way to do this… Check out my FREE Jetstart Workshop, for a simple three step process to actually find a “leadership impact project” by following this framework. https://leadershipjetway.com/jetstart


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