Changing things to make things better…

Leadership is about making changes. It’s about identifying opportunities to add value, or problems that need solving, and making changes to take advantage of the opportuntities or fix the problems. Change things. To make things better.

So how do you find the opportunities to add value?

Ask some questions. Ask yourself. Ask your colleagues. Ask your customers or the people in your organisation who rely on your work.

Where are your frustrations? What is the stuff that keeps getting in the way? Or the process that just doesn’t quite work right?

Where are your best customers? What are they valuing? What’s the most important thing you do for them and how well are you doing it right now?

Where are your competitors? What’s all the rage right now? Are you in on it? Should you get in on it? Or do something different to set yourself apart?

Somewhere in the answers to these questions you’ll find several things to change that would improve your corner of the world.

So pick one. Change stuff. Move it forward.

Then repeat. 

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