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Helping new managers make a flying start on their leadership journey

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If your boss expects you to “show some leadership” but hasn’t told you what they mean… You need…

A clear simple answer to “what is leadership?”

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Leadership Jetway

Founded by Ben Cosh in 2020

ben @ leadershipjetway.com

Ben has spent 15 years in leadership roles in a large organisation. He started with one person reporting to him, and now runs a department of 300 people.

Leadership Jetway was founded because too many new managers have the word “leadership” appear in their job description without anyone telling them what it means or how to do it.

And that’s not fair.

So Ben has put the best things he’s learned about working with people to get important things done into PDFs, videos and a full online course, to help all new managers and leaders make a flying start!

The content offered in these materials does not constitute legal or financial advice and individuals must judge for themselves the appropriateness of the ideas and techniques described in their own situations.